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Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Lancaster, Pa., Barron Publishing Co. is an independent publisher of books across select categories. To date, Barron Publishing has published more than 150 variations of titles across these categories.


Founded by attorney and author Mark L. James, Barron Publishing was launched as a platform for the development and publication of a series of educational estate planning books. The flagship book, Wills, Trusts and Your Estate Plan, has been customized for a number of markets (e.g., states, business owners, women, families). Barron Publishing has sold more than 20,000 copies of their estate planning books through sponsoring academic institutions, faith-based institutions, affinity groups, and other client organizations.



Founder & Author

Attorney Mark L. James has been advising estate planning clients for 25 years and has conducted thousands of estate planning interviews, workshops, and seminars. He has a particular interest in helping clients maximize the impact of their charitable giving. He is also an automotive enthusiast and avid Studebaker collector, exhibitor, and driver.



Professor Lynne Marie Kohm, J.D., is a professor of family law at Regent University’s School of Law in Virginia Beach, Va. She has written extensively about legal issues affecting women, children, and families, and often lectures to public forums on various aspects of estate planning.


Contributing Author

Attorney Jeffrey P. Ouellet is a partner with the law firm of Appel & Yost LLP in Lancaster, Pa. He has more than 10 years of experience in working intimately with clients to help them achieve their estate planning and business succession goals. He regularly presents to other professionals on complex estate and business succession issues.





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