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“Mark James, with his informative book, Studebaker’s Hidden Treasure, takes a close look at what many believe to be Studebaker’s most dramatic and well-remembered line of vehicles, the 1956-58 Golden Hawks. This is no small claim for a company that, from 1852 to 1966, built many exceptional horse-drawn and self-propelled vehicles. I sincerely recommend Mark’s book to all who appreciate what great things can be achieved by a small struggling independent car company.”

— Fred K. Fox, Studebaker historian and co-author of Studebaker, The Complete Story

“Mark James has written a wonderful history of Studebaker’s Golden Hawks. He begins, as he must, with the 1953 Loewy coupes and then walks us through the last of the 1958 series. Because he himself owns two prize-winning Golden Hawks, Mark brings to this book an enthusiast’s appeal, but he also introduces us to the designers, engineers and sales people involved and puts these cars into the perspective of their commercial times. Altogether, it’s a book every Studebaker buff should have.”

— Michael Lamm, co-author of A Century of Automotive Style: 100 Years of American Car Design

“What a great piece of work! I’ve always been a fan of these little-known and misunderstood cars. The hobby should commend Mark for his research and efforts writing the go-to work on these iconic American cars of the 1950’s. Thanks very much from us all!”

— Mark Hyman, Hyman Ltd. Classic Cars

“This book not only concentrates on the Golden Hawks of 1956 through 1958, it also includes much of the history that predates these cars’ manufacture. It is a must read for dedicated Hawk fans.”

— Terry Conway, Selection Committee Chairman, Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance

“Mark James has clearly done in-depth research, as this book clearly tells the story of postwar Studebaker history. I can relate as I am as passionate about the history of Packard as he is of Studebaker. I am sure other car collectors will be interested in reading about Studebaker and the failed merger with Packard.”

— Ralph Marano, Sr., Marano & Sons Auto Sales, Inc.

“Mark James has taken his love for Studebaker Golden Hawks and penned a definitive study of the brand. It is exciting when someone goes to exceptional lengths to provide research that is bound to help enthusiasts for decades to come. Mark’s passion shines through his book and it is an enjoyable read. We look forward to adding it to our AACA Library & Research Center archives.”

— Steve Moskowitz, Executive Director, Antique Automobile Club of America

“Mark James’ book is an informative history of the Studebaker Golden Hawks. James puts the development of the Golden Hawks in the context of overall Studebaker product development and marketing in the 1950s. Important for Studebaker enthusiasts in general and Golden Hawk aficionados in particular is the book’s careful attention to details of the styling and engineering features of the three model years of the Golden Hawks.”

— Robert R. Ebert, author of Champion of the Lark: Harold Churchill and
the Presidency of Studebaker-Packard, 1956-1961

“Mark’s passion for the Studebaker marque is obvious and infectious. His book exudes the detail, fun and enthusiasm shown in restoring his own top Concours quality 1956 and 1958 Golden Hawks. Mark’s book is a complete and thorough overview of the history and design of all 1953-58 Studebaker V8 hardtop coupes,

a must read for those interested in the history and competition of automotive development and psyche

of the 1950’s. Enjoy!”

— Robert S. McLeese, Founder and Chair, Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance

“I first met Mark several years ago at the Hilton Head Concours where he exhibited his award-winning Studebaker Golden Hawk. After thoroughly inspecting his fine example of automotive excellence, I immediately extended an invitation for this car to the various Concours that I represent. As I have come to know Mark better through the Concours circuit, I have been continually amazed by his unparalleled depth of knowledge of all things Studebaker. His attention to detail and in-depth research are evident. Great time and passionate care have been taken to produce this fine read. Studebaker’s Hidden Treasure is a must read for all automotive enthusiasts.”

— Russell Glace, Operations Chairman, Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance

“Mark’s attention to detail is evident with just a glance at his 1956 and 1958 award-winning Golden Hawks. That same level of attention is apparent in this book, which should appeal to any fan of the old-car hobby, Studebaker enthusiast and, in particular, those who appreciate Studebaker’s stylish Golden Hawk series. The book is well organized, with plenty of photos to complement the text.”

— Frank Ambrogio, author of The 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk Authenticity Guide

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